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Positive Cashflow Is Paramount For Business Growth

Hello from alert level 3!

It’s great to see some of our customers outside of Auckland are enjoying alert level 2, but also inspiring to see how our customers in Auckland are incorporating innovative ideas to stay ahead of the lockdown.

Positive cashflow is paramount when it comes to your businesses growth. We know that, but do the banks?

ANZ’s September Business Outlook Survey is generally positive, business confidence has increased 50.3% from nett -14.5 to -7.2, although profit expectations have slipped from -9.5 to -15.6 a decrease of 39.1%. Perhaps the most interesting point to note from the survey is that ease of credit sits at a disappointing -50.3.

New Zealand economist Cameron Bagrie pointed out on the AM show last month that “banks have been incentivised to put more money into housing because they need to carry less capital against a housing-based loan - so more money is going into housing, less money is going into the business sector."

Banks have a risk management regime and compliance costs to think about, but Kiwi businesses are the backbone of our economy and need to be supported accordingly.

Lock Finance is a dedicated B2B Invoice Finance provider. We help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by unlocking the power of their unpaid invoices. With over 100 years of experience, we’ve helped transport, manufacturing, printing, creative and professional services businesses.

In fact, many people are surprised how we’ve helped companies bootstrap through their early growth phase or when they need to restructure. As the business environment changes, it’s a good idea to have options to speed up your cash flow.

We are the experts in unlocking positive cashflow to help you pursue your growth plans and business opportunities now, not later.

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