Navigate the Road Ahead with Cash Flow Confidence

In the fast-paced world of trucking, cash flow crunches can put the brakes on your success. Waiting for freight invoices to be paid can leave your trucking company stuck in neutral.


Grow your business with positive cash flow

At Lock Finance, we understand the unique challenges trucking companies face, especially when it comes to cash flow. That's why our invoice finance solutions are designed to help you avoid these cash flow crunches and keep your business moving forward.
How Invoice Finance Helps You Avoid Cash Flow Crunches:

  • Speedy Payments: Get paid quickly for your delivered loads, ensuring a steady influx of cash to cover expenses.
  • Reliable Funding: Access funds as soon as you invoice, so you don't have to wait for customers to settle their accounts.
  • Consistent Cash Flow: Say goodbye to the peaks and valleys of cash flow uncertainty, allowing you to plan and grow with confidence.
  • Stay Competitive: With the financial stability to meet expenses and seize opportunities, your trucking business gains a competitive edge.
  • Focus on the Road: Spend less time worrying about finances and more time on the road delivering goods.

Ready to Keep Your Trucking Business Rolling Smoothly?

Don't let cash flow crunches hold you back. Take control of your finances with our invoice finance solutions tailored for trucking companies. Contact us today to learn more and stay on the path to lasting success.


You get back to business. It really is that easy.

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We have been involved in the freight sector  for its entire history and have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to keep the trucks on the road and the freight moving from the loading dock to the customer destination. We also work alongside asset finance providers to support fleet acquisition and maintenance.

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