Seasonality, a word for the expression “oh no I’ve run out of cash because this is the time of year where traditionally I do less business”. (or the Oh Crap moment).

A lot of industries have an element of seasonality which directly impacts how they trade. A lot of these same industries are reliant on a traditional overdraft as a means of funding their cashflow. This overdraft has a limit, it is set in stone, it is not going to flex when the business needs a little more.
Just because the trading has slowed down doesn't mean you stop trading, doesn't mean you are closing the doors, seasonality is normal, it happens and as a business owner you need to take the stress out of a dwindling cashflow.
We think you deserve flexibility in your cashflow business borrowing.
We think you understand how your business works and you are smart enough to use the high season to limit the impact of the low season. We also know this is hard in growing business, or a business going through change.
Invoice Finance is a flexible facility allowing you to draw up to 90% of your outstanding debtors within 24 hours. This means that although trading is lower the facility is flexible enough to keep on giving without limiting your ability to access much needed cash.
Lock Finance works with our seasonal customer to understand the trading cycle. We talk about the strategy for the low months, the needs of the business and we plan how we can structure the facility to ensure cash flow is there all the time. By understanding your business and its customers fully we work with you without the need for personal assets to become involved in the security of the facility. We look at funding the business by understanding the business.
If you would like to know more about how our cash flow facilities can benefit your seasonal business call us now.