You have done the work, delivered the product, undertaken the service and sent the invoice.

So where is the money?

Why is it taking so long to get paid?

Whilst out free book "The little book of cashflow" gives you tips on how to deal wth your invoicing and debtors sometimes they still pay late.

Often the very customers that trade with you have their own business and their own cash flow constraints. And yes, the squeaky wheel does get the oil, how would you like to not worry so much about when you get paid, but have more time to focus on growing your business with a finance business partner who understands and can help?

Invoice finance allows you to use up to 90% of your invoice value within 24hours of you sending your invoice to your customer. This means you can carry on paying your bills, developing your business without worrying where the cash flow is going to come.

Choosing Lock as a finance business partner and choosing to factor your invoices means things get even easier for you the business owner. Using the Factoring service Lock will also send statements and help collect in your invoices owed, so you speed up your cash flow and you aren't paying a staff member to chase invoices.

We all want the magic pill in life that makes certain things easier. With the right finance business partner you can have a little magic happening in your business.