Growth sucks cash - you've heard this before. Anyone who has grown a business knows this statement to be true. However, we might add to this statement by saying “growth sucks more cash than you had planned for”.

Still true and very painful.
Could actually break a business, close it, stall it, the stress in saving a struggling business is huge.

Rapid business growth can either be planned or take you by surprise. Planned is better, however, even the best organized growth is nothing when the cash runs out. Being taken by surprise can be excruciatingly painful to navigate for the business owners.

You may have landed a big contract, won a large customer or several customers at once. You still need to supply and service these sales with either materials or resources or both. The business has to find a way to pay for these materials and resources, often ahead of any invoice being issued for the increased work being undertaken.
Do you want to re mortgage the family property to fund this business growth? Hoping the growth stays strong and the business can repay the family?
Do you want to put any of your personal assets at risk to prop up the business?
We don't think you should.
Invoice Finance is a cost effective flexible business finance package that will work alongside your business as it grows. You can complete those sales, send those increased invoices and within 24 hours receive up to 90% of the value as cashflow to use to:
• Pay suppliers
• Pay staff
• Source resource and equipment
• Promote the business
• Get more customers
And continue growth in a stress free profitable way.
You could also take advantage of any supplier early payment discounts or bulk buy discounts, thereby adding more to the profitability of the business.
Talk to us today, have a coffee with us, and find out how Invoice Finance could be the perfect solution for your growth business.