Oh stop its only November! Like it or not though Christmas is coming and traditionally we like to go on holiday, take a break, enjoy the Christmas and the coming summer.

When business owners do this who is left to pay the bills? Quite often no one, quite often it waits until the business re opens or the owner returns. This is great for businesses that like to have a break, this is great for businesses who have enough cash and capital to supplement their normal cash flow.

But for a growing business, a new business, a dynamic business and a static business its not always so good. Most of us are reliant on the trading cycle of supply and payment to ensure our monthly bills continue to get paid (like rent and power). If suddenly you have to wait one or two months LONGER than normal do you have enough cash flow to continue to trade?

When a business has to slow payments to suppliers or delay by a month, the reputational risk is huge. You may be able to catch up later, but the damage is done. The stress of having to ensure you stay on good terms with those whom you haven’t paid but are essential to the business survival is enormous.
And did we mention Christmas is coming?
Traditional for some businesses to have parties (cost) bonuses (cost) and pay out holiday pay (cost). If your cash flow slows or even halts, you’ve saved enough funds to get through this right?
What if we could show you a way to not have this stress? Take these worries away. Allow you to say that because of how you structured your cash flow you KNOW that this festive season will not cause any problems for you.
Lock Finance are specialists in cash flow in many industries and help release cash locked up in unpaid invoices, so instead of waiting 30 days, or 60-70 over Christmas, to get your cash flowing; they can release up to 90% of the invoice value within 24 hours. For a coffee and a chat to see how Invoice Finance could better your business cashflow get in touch now.