How It Works

Simple, low-cost and a fast way to restart your cash-flow

Here is a quick diagram showing you how we can restart your cashflow


Invoice Finance,
The Explanation

To help you understand how the full factoring
service works for business. It looks, very simply,
like this:

  1. The business issues an invoice to their debtor of $1000 for goods or services supplied. Instead of waiting at least 60 to 90 days for the money. The business proceeds to step 2
  2. The business issues a duplicate of the invoice and sends it to Lock Finance.
  3. Lock Finance release up to 90% of the invoice value ($900) and sends it to the business who then can use these funds as working capital.
  4. The debtor then pays the invoice $1000, to Lock Finance.
  5. Lock Finance then releases the remaining 10% (less the charges) to the business.

So how different is the
confidential service?

  1. The business issues an invoice to the debtor
  2. The business posts this invoice to the ledger and sends a reconciliation to lock finance
  3. Lock Finance release up to 80% of the summary total to the business.
  4. The debtor pays into a trust account (thinking this is the current account of the business). The debtor is unaware of the involvement of lock finance.
  5. Lock finance reconcile with the trust account.
  6. Lock Finance release the remaining funds less the charges.