Traffic management business

Excavation business

Lock Finance were approached by an Australian finance broker to consider providing finance to the New Zealand subsidiary of a substantial Australian parent company.

Benefits of a 7 day Cash Cycle

A company that operates in the food manufacturing industry had been trading for a few years with turnover of approximately $1.5m. They have just been approved by the 2 major supermarket brands to supply them with their product. This would immediately double their revenue. This was great but who would they look to fund this growth.

Sharpening the Butchers Knife

Closing the cash chasm

New Start breaking the growth barriers

New Start, Too Many Orders, No Problem

Recruiting Faster Cashflow

Lock Finance were introduced by a commercial banker to a labour hire company. The labour hire company was only a couple of years old but was growing well and was forecasting to double it’s revenue in the following year. The bank advised that they could no longer provide an increase in their client’s overdraft facility as the directors personal property had no more equity in it to allow the bank to increase their facilities.

Making the IRD your friend again

​Lock Finance were introduced to a metal fabrication business who were still growing but constantly hitting the limit of their overdraft facility with their bank. As with many privately owned businesses the family home had been leveraged to the maximum in support of this growth previously. There were no further assets for the bank to lend against and GST and PAYE arrears meant there were credit restrictions on how far the bank could help their customer.