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10 Cash Flow Tips - Keep More Cash in Your Business

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business we know that. You know that. However, profit doesnt always equal cash so we need to ensure we keep the cash in the business as long as we can. Whilst we are talking about keeping the cash in the business, always consider the value versus the price. Cheaper today is not always cheaper in the long term, so you could sacrifice long term profit for a one or two month gain.

Working Capital or need capital to keep working?

Lets be honest here we are talking about cash. Cash being the lifeblood of any business to keep it trading and to help it grow. We know the saying “growth sucks cash” well so does a reluctance of your customers to pay in a timely manner. So whether you are planning on growing or just happily trading within this ever stretched financial environment, read on.

What the heck is Invoice Finance?

Well intriguingly it is one of the most flexible form of business cash flow finance, often offering the most availability in terms of limits too. Have I got your attention?

Cash is The Lifeblood of business

When we are successful in our business, we often seek faster growth to create greater wealth. We love the word ‘profit’ and like the concept of having lots of it. However, when growing a business it often needs a LOT of cash, more ready cash than we sometimes have. For some, the need to manage the cashflow and the risks entailed with lack of cashflow can mean that growth is often significantly slowed. Much slower than the business owner imagined or required.